Chapter 1191: Finally... Outdo You....

He was none other than Song Que!

His aura was weak and faltering, and he was covered with wounds. In many places, bone was visible amidst the blood and gore. Because of a smoking, black handprint that could be seen on his chest, his five yin organs and six yang organs were nearly destroyed.

He was missing an eye, and clearly… was on his last legs. It was as if he remained standing by sheer willpower alone, as strong and tall as a mountain!

Earlier, the Vile-Prince had dispatched all of his demigods to assist Prince Prince Ur-Demon and the other celestials in delaying Bai Xiaochun. By that point, the Vile-Prince had already begun to go completely crazy. He had spent several days trying to break down Song Junwan and Zhou Zimo, and had reached a critical juncture in which success was just around the c...

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