Chapter 1190: Get In My Way? Die!

Up in midair, Bai Xiaochun shoved Celestial Virūpākṣa out of the way with the blood mist of his Godkiller technique, then ignored Prince Ur-Demon and the other celestials as he headed directly toward Vile-Prince Mansion.

He was completely out of patience, and therefore, anyone who got in his way would either be shoved to the side or killed…. 

No one could stop him!

Reverend Devourer secretly frowned. He was a slick and evasive person, and in any other circumstances would have simply stood down and let things play out how they would. 

Unfortunately, they were right in the middle of Vile-Emperor City. If Bai Xiaochun got to Vile-Prince Mansion and did something drastic, then the Vile-Emperor would likely be furious. Celestial Virūpākṣa might have it a bit easier because of the fact that he hadn’t been working with the Vile-Prince earlier...

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