Chapter 1187: Slaughtering A Celestial!

Bai Xiaochun began to rave with maddened laughter, laughter filled with all the vicious rage that he had been keeping suppressed during his time in the Eternal Immortal Domains!

“Well in that case… I guess I might as well kill a celestial!” Reverend Devourer had been forced into retreat by the Waterswamp Kingdom, and Celestial Deadfall had been injured to the point of coughing up blood by the Godkiller. Therefore, it was without hesitation that Bai Xiaochun shot toward Celestial Deadfall!

As he moved, countless rocks and boulders formed around him, transforming him into an enormous stone golem!

Then, he utilized the Cloud Lightning Forefather Transformation, causing his stone golem form’s fleshly body power to increase dramatically, and to grow even larger than before. By the time the process was complete, he...

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