Chapter 1186: Fury!

“Everyone in the River-Defying Sect has been arrested!!”

“A huge spell formation has been set up outside Vile-Emperor City!!”

“They’re going to extract the blood of tens of thousands of cultivators from the Heavenspan Realm!!” 

Each message from Big Fatty Zhang was like a dagger stabbing into Bai Xiaochun’s heart!

Patriarch Spirit Stream, Li Qinghou, and other compatriots from the River-Defying Sect, as well as cultivators from other parts of the Heavenspan Realm, were now trapped in a spell formation outside the city!

Big Fatty Zhang didn’t just sound anxious in his messages, he also sounded angry. Bai Xiaochun could only imagine what level of despair he currently felt.

Panting, and heart pounding painfully, he rose to his feet, his eyes completely bloodshot as he let out a howl of anguish!

Pain wracked him both physically and ...

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