Chapter 118: Not A Warm Welcome....

The Spirit Stream Sect consisted of eight mountain peaks. Other than Mount Daoseed in the middle, there were three mountain peaks on the south bank and four on the north bank. Those four were Sunset Peak, Archway Peak, Irispetal Peak, and Ghostfang Peak.

The number of disciples on the north bank vastly exceeded that on the south bank. Any one of the north bank mountain peaks’ Outer Sects would have tens of thousands of disciples. As for their Inner Sects, they usually had over a thousand.

Overall, the north bank was about twice as powerful as the south bank. It was for that reason that the north bank had long since come to be the leading force in the sect.

Of course, the foundation of north bank’s power came in the form of the battle beasts that all disciples there raised. The vast numbers of beasts there ensured that animal calls rose up into the air constantly.

The north bank seemed more savage and barbaric, its disciples more fierce than their southern counterparts. Flying creatures could be seen in the air all the time, and it was even possible to occasionally...

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