Chapter 1178: Twenty-Two-Colored Flame

This was not Bai Xiaochun’s first time seeing vengeful souls out in the void. After all, he had already acquired an archaean soul from that enormous floating palace he had seen.

But when he saw this host of vengeful souls streaming out from the sovereign’s arm, he couldn’t help but start getting excited.

Ever since he had arrived in the Eternal Immortal Domains, he had lacked vengeful souls. Only the trial level filled with souls that he had passed earlier had replenished his stocks to some degree, but even that hadn’t been enough.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t get back into that level to get more souls, and even if he did, there were only so many inside. Even if he got all of them, he would still come up short.

“So, there really are vengeful souls out here in the void!” 

Staring intently at...

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