Chapter 1174: Hidden Killing Intent

After flying out of the embassy, he immediately felt a bit more at ease as he looked around and realized that he wasn’t the only person to have been issued an imperial edict.

Celestial Virūpākṣa and the other celestials were also included. Back when powerful experts of the Vile-Emperor Dynasty had been fighting those from the Saint-Emperor Dynasty, they had all been working together. But the truth was that, normally speaking, they were always at odds.

People noticed Bai Xiaochun, but did little more than look at him before moving along. That also served to put him more at ease.

“This thing probably isn’t about me specifically….” he thought. “After all, I'm the ambassador from the Saint-Emperor Dynasty. The Vile-Emperor probably just invited me to attend out of formality.” Feeling calmer than ever, he flew up to the imperial palace. Upon arriving, he saw a beam of light...

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