Chapter 1172: Windfall

Up to this point, Daoist Heavenspan’s expression had remained as cold as ice, even when he was coughing up blood. But in response to Bai Xiaochun’s words, he suddenly shivered.

He even averted his gaze to avoid revealing the bitterness and other mixed emotions he felt. Although his expression quickly returned to normal, his voice softened just a little bit.

“She’s… alive.”

“Where!?” Bai Xiaochun replied, similarly shivering a bit.

A long moment passed. Finally, Daoist Heavenspan said, “I haven’t been able to find her….”

When Bai Xiaochun heard that, not even he was sure of what to think or how to feel. Another moment passed, and then he left, not bothering to ask any more questions.

Back at the embassy, he yet again went into seclusion in his private chamber. After sitting down cross-legged, he shivered, and...

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