Chapter 1171: A Free Dog

“The Vile-Emperor approves…?” Bai Xiaochun thought, blinking a few times as his heart began to beat faster in his chest. “Poor kid. He doesn’t even know that the person he thinks is his father is actually an imposter…. His real father disapproved, but once the imposter took over, it was only natural for him to approve of such a harmful inclination….” 

Although he felt bad for the Vile-Prince, he was now in absolutely no mood to participate in some sort of banquet.

Furthermore, he was now convinced that just about everyone in Vile-Emperor City was crazy. Not a single one seemed like an ordinary person. At the same time, he decided that nothing about the Vile-Prince’s speech just now made sense. After all, he didn’t want ideas like that to take root inside of him and cause unwanted changes to his psyche….


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