Chapter 1168: A Big Secret!

It took a while for Bai Xiaochun to regain his composure. At that point, Big Fatty Zhang took another drink from his jug of alcohol, then hesitated for a moment before lowering his voice and saying, “Xiaochun, I discovered a monumental secret. I'm not sure if I should even say it out loud….”

Bai Xiaochun looked at him, clearly taken aback. He could see that Big Fatty Zhang seemed confused about what to do, as though he wanted to reveal what he knew, but at the same time, wanted to keep it a secret.

If this were any other person, he would assume they were trying to be deliberately mystifying. But this was Big Fatty Zhang, and he knew that he wouldn’t do that. Furthermore, considering the level of Bai Xiaochun’s cultivation base, he was able to sense that Big Fatty Zhang’s Will was different from that of others.

Although Big Fatty Zhang was still only a Nascent Soul cultivator, his Willpower surpassed that of most demigod...

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