Chapter 1165: Who’s Afraid Of Who?

Half of the trident was stabbed deep into the earth, and the other half rose up into the violet clouds. It was a profoundly astonishing sight.

As for the bone dragon which coiled around it, it was vicious beyond compare. It only had half of a skull left, but it still radiated an intense murderous aura. The bones weren’t stuck to the trident itself, just hanging off of it in shocking fashion.

Despite the fact that he was a celestial, even Bai Xiaochun was shaken by the ferocious scene.

Vile-Emperor City itself was built on the bones of that bone dragon. Numerous buildings and structures could be seen there. As for the skull, it was the foundation of the imperial palace.

The palace itself was in the violet clouds, surrounded by countless bolts of lightning. There was something frantic, even maddened about this city that made it completely different...

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