Chapter 1161: How Dare You Mess With My Good Friend!

The three Vile-Emperor Dynasty celestials hadn’t anticipated encountering such a large group. They had been lying in wait near the exit, and when they detected strange fluctuations in the distance, had come to investigate.

To their shock, they saw Bai Xiaochun and all of the other celestials from the Saint-Emperor Dynasty. If Virūpākṣa had been there, he might have been able to block their path with force. But Prince Ur-Demon’s cultivation base wasn’t high enough, prompting a gasp on his part.

Reverend Devourer’s eyes went wide, and he even considered just backing down. However, he knew that since Bai Xiaochun was here, along with his allies, if they got through while he himself remained completely uninjured, it would arouse the anger of his fellow celestials, as well as the rage of the Vile-Emperor.

“They have the item His Majesty the Vile-Emperor desires!” he shouted. “Don’t let them through!” By stating everything openly, and also mentioning the Vile-Emperor,...

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