Chapter 1159: Shhh

As soon as Bai Xiaochun sensed the incredible pressure, he shivered, and began to pant. His cultivation base began to rotate of its own accord, almost as if he had just encountered some deadly situation.

Thankfully, he had already absorbed the quintessence of the sovereign’s flesh and blood, otherwise the pressure wouldn’t have caused his cultivation base to rotate, but rather, would have suppressed it all the way to the limit.

The truth was that there hadn’t even been a bit of goodwill in the spirit automaton’s offer. He had hoped to test out how much of the flesh and blood quintessence Bai Xiaochun had absorbed, and if he ended up being suppressed, he could have pressed an attack.

When he saw that Bai Xiaochun’s cultivation base was merely rotating rapidly, he sighed and dismissed the idea. Then, he watched helplessly as Bai Xiaochun prepared to absorb seventy percent of the cultivation base aura.

The aura wasn’t corporeal, but did...

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