Chapter 1156: Gone!?

Bai Xiaochun kept pushing his hand down onto his bag of holding as he sped along. Really, he had no other choice but to do that. Despite the lizard having been sealed and placed in his bag of holding, its seemed to be struggling to get out into the open, forcing Bai Xiaochun to add in cultivation base power to keep the bag closed.

“I need to find somewhere to hole up!” The first thing he thought of was the damaged fan. However, after attempting to make contact, he found that the spiderweb was interfering. Perhaps he could try to forcibly make the teleportation happen, but he was worried something could go wrong, and he might come out on the other end missing an arm or a leg.

“An arm or a leg I could deal with, but what would happen if my head didn’t get teleported through…?” The mere thought of that scene caused him to...

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