Chapter 1154: The Perfect Opportunity!

The old woman’s face was turning dark, as though she had been poisoned. Black blood dripped out of her, and even more telling, a black magical symbol had appeared above the top of her head.

The magical symbol flickered rapidly, and anyone who looked at it closely would see that it was suppressing a projected image that looked exactly like the old woman!

It was none other than her nascent divinity, as projected by her Daoseed!!

Apparently, the magical symbol was sealing her Daoseed inside of her broken body, which was currently being eaten away by the poison. If she died, the Daoseed would not be able to free itself, and would eventually be wiped away. As such, the old woman would lose her chance to be resurrected.

Bai Xiaochun and everyone else present was completely shocked. And yet, things weren’t over yet. Even as the old woman tried to flee, someone else appeared...

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