Chapter 1153: Breaking The Formation

The agonized shriek was not the type that would come out of the mouth of a human. It was the piercing cry of some sort of beast that had encountered a deadly crisis, the type of howl that came in the final moments of life.

As it pierced through the mists of the spell formation, causing them to ripple and twist, the enormous faces that represented Celestial Deadfall and his comrades all flickered in astonishment.

Similarly shaken were Gu Tianjun and Sima Yunhua. 

“That’s the sovereign clone!!”

“Dammit, they’re about to succeed!” 

As the two of them picked up speed, Gu Tianjun sent a blast of sword qi slashing out, powerful enough to rip apart worlds.

As for Sima Yunhua, he performed an incantation gesture, summoning nine clones that joined his true self to unleash shocking battle prowess.

Things weren’t over yet, though. Celestial Aged Spirit went all out, summoning a multicolored...

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