Chapter 1151: Celestial Pill

The massive boom caught the attention of all of the celestials outside of the spiderweb, including Bai Xiaochun. Although they were unable to directly see what was happening, from the nature of the sound, they were able to determine that the Vile-Emperor and Saint-Emperor were currently fighting a battle with the sovereign clone!

“It’s fighting against two archaean emperors…? This clone is so strong!” The booms and vibrations of the battle lasted for a full six hours, leaving both Bai Xiaochun and all of the other celestials shocked.

Everyone kept their cultivation bases rotating and their guard up, just in case something unusual happened.

All of them were convinced that with two archaeans working together, everything should go smoothly. However, as time dragged on, their confidence began to waver.

Apparently, the prevailing thought was that the matter should have been...

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