Chapter 1150: Fighting Daoist Heavenspan

Stories about Bai Xiaochun’s battle with Celestial Deadfall had long since begun to spread, and therefore, Daoist Heavenspan knew that he was in the mid Celestial Realm. Thus, he immediately resorted to a trump card, holding nothing back to seize the upper hand.

Unfortunately for him, despite his general understanding of Bai Xiaochun’s battle prowess, he had not personally fought him in a long time. And therefore, not even the full power of his nine Daogates were sufficient in this situation!

Bai Xiaochun moved too quickly, and he was too focused on striking a fatal blow. Instead of resorting to fancy tactics, he simply unleashed a vicious fist strike!

It was none other than… the Undying Emperor’s Fist!

It wasn’t a quintuple power version, but rather, quindecuple! Fifteen times the original level!

It was the most perfect fleshly body fist strike possible within the mid Celestial Realm. And yet, things weren’t even...

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