Chapter 1149: Feeding The Egg Sac

Bai Xiaochun hovered there quietly with Celestial Aged Spirit.

Aged Spirit knew that help would come eventually. After all, he understood a bit more about the situation than Bai Xiaochun. But at the same time, he knew that his cultivation base was not high enough to do anything about the catastrophe that was already playing out, other than save those of his people who he already had.

Eventually, Bai Xiaochun couldn’t even see the end of the spiderwebs. Everything was covered with the stuff, which emanated an aura of rot that wanted to take away all life force that it touched.

By this point, the spiderweb covered about half of the second immortal domain, and was moving with a speed that only celestials could evade.

Mixed emotions could be seen in Celestial Aged Spirit’s face, especially defiance. To him, the second immortal domain...

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