Chapter 1144: How Dare You Extort Me!

“Deadfall, you fool. You only have a trifling early Celestial Realm cultivation base, and yet you dare to cause problems for me?!” Snorting coldly, Bai Xiaochun shot northward in a beam of prismatic light.

Back in Mistysea City, the Grand Heavenmaster, the Giant Ghost King and Zhou Yixing emerged only in time to see him disappearing off into the distance. All of them exchanged awkward glances.

“Uh… was that our celestial…?” Zhou Yixing asked. “Bai Xiaochun?” He truly could not remember a time when he had seen Bai Xiaochun act in a domineering fashion like this.

The Giant Ghost King looked equally suspicious, and actually knew more about him than most. For example, back in the Ghost King Orchid incident, Bai Xiaochun had seemed like he would have done anything to avoid going to to the trial by fire. Back then, the Giant...

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