Chapter 1143: Sutra of Present Life and Death

Although Bai Xiaochun had a certain level of control over the damaged fan, he had never surpassed the spirit automaton in that regard. Because of that, he was never able to see him. But now that he had passed the fiftieth level, and also risen to the Mid Celestial Realm, his senses were more acute.

Although he still couldn’t see the spirit automaton, he could sense him. All of a sudden, he looked over toward the fan rib where the spirit automaton was actually standing.

The boy noticed this, and stepped back in shock, then vanished.

Bai Xiaochun narrowed his eyes, and then gave a soft snort.

“That was definitely the spirit automaton spying on me. The thing must have mental problems or something. Otherwise why would he be so into peeping on people!?” Muttering to himself a bit, he looked away and focused his attention on the benefits he had achieved during this session of enlightenment.

“The Dao Essences of sovereign cultivators sure...

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