Chapter 1141: Mid Celestial Realm

Out in the dark void, the only visible light came from the softly glowing damaged fan. On the main square of the fan, the air rippled and distorted, whereupon Bai Xiaochun appeared, ridiculously fat because of all of the life force he had absorbed.

From a distance, he looked like a trundling sphere of flesh.

“I need to assimilate this life force as quickly as possible. I'm way too fat.” Yet again, he tried as hard as he could to look down at his feet, but all he could see was his belly. In fact, he was so fat that it was actually difficult for him to touch his belly with his hands. It was all very uncomfortable.

Eyes flashing with determination, he flew toward the fan ribs to start challenging the next level.

He had benefited from the events in Murknine County in a very unique way; normally speaking, going from the early Celestial Realm to the mid Celestial Realm was...

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