Chapter 1138: Are You Crazy, Bai Xiaochun!?

This was Bai Xiaochun’s first time seeing Gongsun Wan’er use a magical technique like this. The black vortex radiated an ancient, deathly aura as it became like a huge mouth that widened to consume the huge spider.

The spider let out an agonized shriek as its body began to collapse into pieces. It only took about ten breaths of time for the entire thing to be completely sucked up by the vortex.

Bai Xiaochun’s scalp tingled in shock as he watched it happen. After all, the spider had fleshly body power equivalent to a celestial, and yet Gongsun Wan’er’s divine ability completely destroyed it with impunity. Clearly, that divine ability was extraordinary beyond belief.

Meanwhile, Gongsun Wan’er staggered back a few paces, her face draining of blood; unleashing that ancient vortex had not been any simple task, and had been very draining. And considering how long it took her to unleash it in full, it must not be something that...

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