Chapter 1135: Murknine County

As the fire consumed the marionette, its wailing battered Bai Xiaochun’s ears, causing his heart to fill with indescribable coldness.

Perhaps it was because he had been attuned to danger from a very young age. Or perhaps it was because of his dream of living forever. Either way, his ability to sense impending danger had improved throughout his years of cultivation, and had always surpassed cultivators in the same level as himself.

And right now, his intuition was telling him that something was very, very wrong in Murknine County!

Even as his heart sank, Gongsun Wan’er looked over and said in a hoarse voice, “There’s no ghost qi here. That marionette… is not a ghostly soul!”

Although she didn’t have Bai Xiaochun’s intuition, as Ghostmother, she was innately attuned to matters...

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