Chapter 1133: The Crisis Of Murknine

As the egg sac formed, a strange aura began to pulse out from within Murknine County, giving birth to a gray mist.

Normally, Gongsun Wan’er would have personally come to investigate the events in Murknine County, but she was at a critical juncture in her cultivation, and thus had dispatched the two demigods in her stead.

When it became clear that the demigods weren't coming back, she realized that the situation was worse than she had initially thought.

At the same time, the gray mist was spreading into Mistysea Prefecture, leading the Grand Heavenmaster and Giant Ghost King to realize that something was going on in the neighboring prefecture.

There was some power at work within that mist that cultivators couldn’t detect. It turned the lands gray, and even caused crevices to open up. Furthermore, the mist killed anything it touched,...

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