Chapter 1130: Get Away, Vixens!

It was a life-changing moment for Zhou Yixing. His impression of Bai Xiaochun had changed, and he now felt profound hope for what was to come in Mistysea Prefecture.

Although he would miss the life he had come to enjoy, the truth was that despite the good position he had created for himself, he had always felt alone. There were many times late at night when he thought about how strange these lands were compared to the Heavenspan Realm, and he would sigh deeply.

Now, when he heard the words go home, his heart and mind trembled, and he hurried along after Bai Xiaochun.

From the very beginning, Bai Xiaochun had thought of Zhou Yixing as his lucky star, and as it turned out, his return did indeed bring great luck. The following morning at dawn, the negotiations with Gongsun Wan’er went very smoothly.

Not only would...

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