Chapter 113: Something Really Bad.

There was something strange about this particular tier-3 spirit medicine. As for its overall quality, shockingly, it had surpassed the low-grade to reach mid-grade. Bai Xiaochun was ecstatic, and immediately forgot about how depressed he was because of the rabbit.

Holding the pill in his hand, his excitement grew until he was panting, and his eyes glittering.

“This pill is a spirit medicine that can change the fate of 10,000 Snakes Valley.... It will teach all of these snakes... how to shut their mouths!” Even as a proud smile spread across his face, he suddenly remembered the rabbit, and his heart thumped. But then the violent hisses of the snakes reached his ears, as well as the sound of snakes slamming into the spell formation shield.

“Pipe down!” he growled, glaring over at them. With that, he produced the turtle-wok and performed a spirit enhancement.... Furthermore, he didn't stop at a twofold enhancement; he drew upon his few remaining spirit tails to perform a threefold enhancement.

Silver light glittered, and many...

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