Chapter 1128: Startled

“Yeah! Grandmaster Zhou is super awesome! I'm sure you’ve heard of him before, Exalted Celestial.” Merely mentioning this Grandmaster Zhou caused Qing’er’s beautiful eyes to light up with reverence. Apparently, she believed this Grandmaster Zhou’s skill in spirit enhancement to be so incredible that he must be world-famous.

“People say that back in the Heavenspan Realm, Grandmaster Zhou was one of the most powerful spirit enhancers in existence. Everywhere he goes, the people of Heavenspan treat him with the ultimate respect.

“Furthermore, the natural laws of the Heavenspan Realm showed special favor to him. When his world was destroyed, he wasn’t hurt at all. Even more miraculous is that after he reached the Eternal Immortal Domains, his spirit enhancement abilities grew even more powerful.

“I also heard that Grandmaster Zhou has a dear acquaintance, a person whom he has been searching for ever since the destruction of his world….

“Oh, and there’s another thing. I did see him perform a spirit enhancement once....

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