Chapter 1125: Archaean Soul

Bai Xiaochun’s expression turned serious, and his heart began to pound with anticipation. Although he hadn’t spent much time on the damaged fan, on previous occasions when he was not inside one of the levels, he had often looked out into the inky darkness of the void.

At first, it had been with curiosity, but later with boredom. After all, it wasn’t even a starry sky; it was just darkness.

It was like an enclosed room in which all the candles had been extinguished. It was terrifyingly quiet, with nothing at all visible except the sea of darkness.

Therefore, this palace with its blue light seemed almost like a bright star, and was eye-catching to the extreme!

How could Bai Xiaochun not be excited by this sudden development? In fact, he blurred into motion, heading to the edge of the fan, where he stood and watched...

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