Chapter 1124: Just Go, Sir

However, the Dark Concocters were tenacious to the core, and definitely not the type who would surrender easily. That was only to be expected from a people who had so thoroughly impressed the sovereign to whom the damaged fan once belonged.

Most other folk would have collapsed by this point. After all, the Dark Concocters had already suffered so many setbacks that it didn’t seem possible for it to get any worse.

First was the deluge of acid rain, then the violet lightning, both of which left the entire world riddled with pits and craters. It was so bad it seemed like the land might be wiped out of existence soon.

The mountain peaks were equally devastated, full of holes, and almost devoid of vegetation. The entire world had been severely damaged.

Furthermore, the medicinal mist which had begun to spread out now filled the mountains. It was...

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