Chapter 1122: Next Up...!

The Aphrodisiac Pill, one of Bai Xiaochun three most powerful pills, had proved its formidability on numerous occasions; there could be no doubt that it was peerless in its ability to drive people to complete insanity. If it weren’t for the fact that his stocks were running low, he would have thrown out even more than he had, just to make sure that these bastard apothecaries knew what it meant to tremble in despair.

Besides, whether it was in terms of the physical size of the pills, or their strength, they were far beyond anything that these diminutive Dark Concocters could bear. Even the relatively small amount that he had tossed out effectively counted for ten times what it normally would have!

With one flick of his sleeve, Bai Xiaochun deployed roughly one third of the total number of Aphrodisiac Pills he had left in his bag of...

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