Chapter 1119: The Dark Concocters

He was in the thirtieth level!

Leaden clouds filled the sky, and endless mountains stretched out in all directions. Occasionally, certain mountains would rise high above the others, almost like smokestacks. In fact, the thick smoke that belched from those mountains made the entire world murky and gray.

The smoke had a medicinal aroma to it, but the medicinal effects were varied and chaotic, almost toxic. Perhaps because of how that toxic gas filled the world, there wasn’t any life visible.

The lands were barren, and any plants which existed seem to be withered and stunted because of the toxins.

No birds could be seen flying in the sky, and countless skeletons of various creatures covered the mountains. The entire place seemed almost like a huge tomb.

Bai Xiaochun was stunned, both by the toxic smoke, and also a strange, thumping sound.

“That sound is so familiar… what’s this level about?!” There was indeed...

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