Chapter 109: A Light Rain on Violet Cauldron Peak....

During his first month on Violet Cauldron Peak, Bai Xiaochun worked quietly in the immortal's cave. None of the disciples around him even noticed that he was there. Big Fatty Zhang started to relax. At first, he had come to visit Bai Xiaochun fairly frequently to watch him at his concocting work, but eventually stopped visiting so often.

But then... another month passed.

Bai Xiaochun’s eyes glittered as he looked at the medicinal pills in front of him. After some detailed examination, he began to laugh loudly. During that month of work, he had made four major efforts to try to come up with a new method for cleansing impurities, and now, he had finally found his new direction.

“Using lightning to purge the pills with outside force is one method. But another method is to purge the spirit medicine from the inside!

“Bai Xiaochun, you really are a genius. Hahaha! I know exactly what to do. By using the principles of mutual augmentation and suppression, I can create a burning power even as I concoct the pills, something that will expunge the impurities. After the impurities are forced out, the final medicinal pill will no longer be toxic!” Getting more excited, he took a deep breath and got to work.

After organizing...

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