Chapter 1085: I Hate Cheaters!

Bai Xiaochun’s vision blurred as he left the world of the sixth level, and returned to the path on the fan rib. Upon rematerializing, he held a feather in his hand, which was the reward for passing the sixth level.

It seemed like nothing more than an ordinary feather, and not even a close examination revealed anything special about it. Bai Xiaochun could only guess that it might be part of some larger construct. Putting it away, he headed to the seventh level.

The seventh level was much harder than the previous levels. It was a test, not of the cultivation base, but rather intuition. After all, it was impossible to use divine sense here. The entire seventh level was… a maze.

“I hate mazes….” he muttered. Two hours later, he found himself teleported back to the square formed by the handle of the fan. He had failed, and currently felt his head swimming from having wandered...

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