Chapter 107: Lightning Detox Grand Magic

After returning to Fragrant Cloud Peak, Bai Xiaochun started getting a bit emotional. He still had a lot of mystery pills in his bag of holding, but he didn’t dare to test any of them out. When he walked along the mountain paths of the sect, the other disciples would either give him odd looks, or stare at him with hatred and anger.

“Why is it so hard to pursue my dreams?” he thought. “It’s not like it’s my fault. Uncle Li is the one who told me to focus on my research....” Sighing, he walked along until he reached his immortal's cave, where he sat staring off into space.

Earlier that year, Bai Xiaochun had frequently gone to Li Qinghou to ask questions about problems that popped up in his medicine concocting. Li Qinghou was often surprised by the questions. The depths to which Bai Xiaochun was delving in the Dao of medicine were unusual for ordinary apothecaries.

When combined with Bai Xiaochun’s incredible achievements with the stone steles, Li Qinghou couldn’t help but be filled with anticipation. However, every person had a different understanding of the Dao of medicine, so Li Qinghou wouldn’t answer any of Bai Xiaochun’s questions. Instead, he encouraged him to do his own tests. Only by doing so would he be able to develop a Dao of medicine...

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