Chapter 1053: Please, Come In!

Gu Tianjun had always looked down on people from the Heavenspan Realm. Back before the body of the Arch-Sovereign collapsed, he had somewhat looked forward to the arrival of the Arch-Emperor Dynasty. But after the collapse, as more people from the Heavenspan Realm became part of the Saint-Emperor Dynasty, things changed.

As time progressed, he learned more and more about what had gone on in the Heavenspan Realm.

“Endless chaos and disorder. And they never even raised someone to the Mahayana Realm. Considering how late they are, they’re doomed to be little more than servants. Completely useless.” Gu Tianjun was the type of person who looked up to those who were more powerful than him, but at the same time, wanted to defeat them and take their place. That was something about him that not even the Saint-Emperor could find fault with.

After all… when it came to bloodlines, Gu Tianjun was also a direct descendant of the original Saint-Emperor.

As for people who were weaker than him, he viewed them like bugs. And there were plenty...

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