Chapter 1052: Ill Intentions

“Resurrected!” Gongsun Wan’er repeated.

“That is why archaeans are emperors. Years ago, the Saint-Emperor Dynasty was almost completely crushed. However, once the Saint-Emperor made his breakthrough, the Vile-Emperor had no choice but to back down!

“No one really knows how powerful archaeans really are. The two emperors have never fought each other directly. The only thing we know for sure is that they are strong enough to resurrect celestials!” Gongsun Wan’er looked at Bai Xiaochun and the Giant Ghost King, aware of how shocking her words must be to people who had never heard any of this information before.

And she was right. Bai Xiaochun was panting, and the Giant Ghost King felt like he was being struck with waves of shock. Only now were they coming to understand how truly powerful the two imperial dynasties were. What they had seen so far was only...

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