Chapter 1051: Will

Bai Xiaochun was stunned to hear that Big Fatty Zhang had actually done so well in the Vile-Emperor Dynasty. As for the Giant Ghost King, although he had never heard of Big Fatty Zhang before, he was also taken aback.

“This Big Fatty Zhang sounds like a brilliant character! He single-handedly made a place for himself in the Vile-Emperor Dynasty! I guess people with good names are just destined for greatness!” In the Giant Ghost King’s opinion, the fact that Big Fatty Zhang had the character big in his name went to prove how much of a manly fellow he was. It was much better than the character small. He couldn’t help but sigh with regret at not having met him back in the Wildlands. [1]

At this point, the Giant Ghost King suddenly seemed to think of something, and excitedly said, “Um… hey, Celestial Gongsun, does Big Fatty Zhang have a Daoist partner?”

Bai Xiaochun was not very happy, and immediately cast a glare in the Giant Ghost King’s...

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