Chapter 1036: The Ruling Ghostmother

Some distance away from the town, the deva who had just made such an impressive showing was currently flying through the air over Crosspeak Prefecture.

“This is all the fault of those vermin from the Heavenspan Realm!” he muttered.

He was the youngest deva in Crosspeak Prefecture, a fact of which he was very proud, arrogant even. Considering that he had already made such achievements, it seemed likely that his future prospects were considerable.

Although reaching the Demigod Realm might not be realistic, he was confident that he would eventually get to the great circle of the Deva Realm.

“Why don’t the Heavenspan people just hand themselves over to be slaves? Why resist? What’s the point of struggling?!” The man chuckled, thinking back to the search for Heavenspan cultivators which had already gone on over the past half year or so in Crosspeak Prefecture. A flicker of scorn passed...

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