Chapter 1031: A Bit Of Warmth

“Eventually… the people from that world created a mighty nation that has existed from generation to generation down to this very day. That is our nation… the Vile-Emperor Dynasty, one of the two imperial dynasties that exists in the Eternal Lands, and also… the most powerful!

“Eventually, the Vile-Emperor Dynasty took note of the other two statues of the Eternal Sons. They knew that one day, the two statues would break open, and the hosts of living beings inside would emerge.

“Originally, the Vile-Emperor Dynasty had intended to welcome the people from the other statues, and join forces with them to fight the great enemy. But before they could prepare properly, the second statue… unexpectedly shattered. The people inside were teleported to all sorts of locations in the Eternal Lands. Unexpectedly, they were not interested in fighting the great enemy. They were bent on conquest, and in the end, the Vile-Emperor Dynasty had no choice but...

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