Chapter 103: I Want To Serve The Sect!

There weren’t many Spirit Stream Sect disciples in the Wildweed Mountains, only a few dozen. The area didn’t have many Foundation Establishment-level beasts, but it still had its dangers, even for Inner Sect disciples.

Only people who considered themselves to be especially powerful would go there.

When Bai Xiaochun cried out his warnings, some disciples would respond and heed his advice. They would take his apology gift and leave. However, a few bull-headed individuals would arrogantly assume that he was crying out for help, and would pretend they couldn’t hear him. Some of them even hoped to collect his bag of holding after he died.

They would continue whatever it was they were doing, and think little more of the matter. But it wouldn’t take long before they realized the beasts were acting strange, impulsive and maddened.

Shangguan Tianyou was in the Wildweed Mountains, and as soon as he heard Bai Xiaochun calling out, his eyes flickered, and he ignored him. He was on the same mission as Bai Xiaochun, looking for Lifestealers, but at the moment, he was shocked by the sight of a huge bear in the...

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