Chapter 1029: Scholar Bai

Book 7: The Eternal Immortal Domains

Time passed.

Half a year had already gone by since the destruction of the Heavenspan Realm.

Strange skies, strange lands. Strange cities, strange people….

These lands were actually made up of five enormous land masses which were called… immortal domains.

Any one of the immortal domains was dozens of times as large as the Heavenspan Realm or more. On one of them, in the eastern part of the domain, was a vast, winding mountain range that resembled a sleeping dragon. Many cities could be seen within those mountains, around which were numerous towns.

In one such town was a young man in a rumpled white garment, with a smudged and dirty face. He seemed to be laughing and muttering to himself as he stumbled drunkenly down the street, a jug of alcohol clutched in one hand, from which he occasionally took long swigs.

“Immortal domains, huh…?” he murmured. From the way he trudged along, he seemed completely despondent.

It was autumn, and a biting wind swept through...

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