Chapter 1028: Heavens Destroyed, Earth Decimated!

The world treasure of the north was Bai Xiaochun’s trump card!

In response to the movement of his hand, the northern Heavenspan River region, which had long since ceased to be a land of frozen ice, began to crack and crumble. The mountains which were falling because of Daoist Heavenspan’s magic transformed into ash.

Deafening cracking sounds erupted out from the entire broken landmass, spreading out to fill the world.

Crevices spread up and down the length of the parched Heavenspan River, stretching all the way to the Wildlands!

Then the lands of the north began to tilt, sending a multitude of rocks and rubble crumbling down. The place where the northern lands of Heavenspan connected to the Wildlands broke, and then… began to rise high into the air.

As this happened, everyone in the world was able to see it, and they gasped in shock. Despite how their life force was flowing away from them, this was still one of the most shocking images they had ever seen in their entire lives.

“Heavens! What… what is that?!?!”

“Is that… the northern Heavenspan region?”

As the landmass that was the northern Heavenspan region rose up, it began to shine with brilliant blue light. Anyone who looked closely would be able to see countless crevices appearing...

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