Chapter 1027: Tenth Daogate

“Apparently I underestimated the Live Forever Codex…. Or perhaps I underestimated your Live Forever Codex, Bai Xiaochun!” Daoist Heavenspan looked around at the world, which had become an enormous Live Forever Lamp, and suddenly his heart was awash with numerous complicated emotions. He knew quite a bit about the Live Forever Codex, and yet neither his top apprentice, nor his daughter Du Lingfei, had ever been able to do anything as shocking as this during their cultivation of the same technique.

The world was the Live Forever Lamp, and Daoist Heavenspan was the flaming candle. As he burned, his control over the will of the world began to slip away. Apparently, the Live Forever Lamp was causing him… to lose his place as the ruler of the world. Instead of acknowledging him, the world now wanted to crush and kill him!!

Bai Xiaochun remained in place off in the distance, looking on with...

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