Chapter 1025: Live Forever Lamp!

Countless crystalline swords began to rise up into the air from the crystallized abyss that was the Heavenspan Sea, creating a screaming whistle that filled the world.

The swords cast dazzling light in all directions, to such blinding effect that Daoist Heavenspan’s face fell from the shock of it all.

Although he was very familiar with how the divine abilities of the Live Forever Codex worked, this was his first time seeing one of Bai Xiaochun’s personalized Daoist magics.

Furthermore, Daoist Heavenspan was very well aware that the power of the Daoist magics of the Live Forever Codex surpassed any other ordinary techniques by far. In addition, the specific way that such divine abilities were created had to do with the Dao and will of the individual cultivator.

Each cultivator had a different Dao and a different will,...

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