Chapter 1024: One Glance Abyss Crystallization

The Daogate Palace of Water was part of the Nine Ruins!

The water of the Nine Ruins made the Palace of Water boundless!

The endless amounts of water around Bai Xiaochun thrummed with explosive, destructive power, and seemed indefatigable. It was seemingly capable of crushing anything and everything, and absorbing it to become part of the water.

Water was innately a Yin and feminine element, but Bai Xiaochun still unleashed the Undying Emperor’s Fist. It was an attack backed with unyielding, dominating might, and was a convergence of both his fleshly body and cultivation base power!

No longer was this a quintuple power fist strike, but at the moment, Bai Xiaochun didn’t have time to calculate exactly how powerful it was. His only thought was that he needed to break this seemingly endless flow of water around...

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