Chapter 1021: Crocodilian Head!

Daoist Heavenspan was in the nastiest of moods. Originally, he had assumed that the Blood Ancestor wouldn’t be able to delay him for more than a short moment. However, the Blood Ancestor had been saving up life force for 10,000 years, and also had some secret methods imparted to him by the gravekeeper. Combined with his madness and the fact that he had ignited himself for a final burst of power, he had been able to keep Daoist Heavenspan completely locked down.

“Bai Xiaochun!” Daoist Heavenspan said through gritted teeth. He seemed supremely frustrated, and also no less furious than Bai Xiaochun. Over and over again, he had watched his ultimate desires crushed by the gravekeeper at the last minute, turned into nothing more than pipe dreams.

However, this time, things were playing out slightly differently!

In addition to the anger in his eyes, there was something else...

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