Chapter 1020: About To Begin!

Rumbling sounds echoed out without cease!

Crevices and ravines continued to open up everywhere in the Wildlands, made worse by the shocking energy radiating out from Bai Xiaochun. Countless mountain peaks crumbled, and numerous plains caved in. The entire world seemed to be breaking apart!

The energy at play here seemed to be more than the world could handle, to the point where even the sky began to crack into pieces. All living beings were overwhelmed by the sensation that they were experiencing an apocalypse.

Cities trembled, and sects were shaken. Living creatures everywhere sensed that the end was nigh!

Cultivators from both the Wildlands and the Heavenspan region all sensed the same thing… that the world was dying around them….

Unless someone or something intervened, it wouldn’t be very long… before the world cracked to pieces!

It actually had nothing to do with Bai...

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