Chapter 1018: The Despair Of Arch-Emperor City

As the process of completing the fusion of the Undying Live Forever Technique was going on… war still raged outside!

And the fierce fighting at Heavenspan Island had not yet ended!

The entire world was gripped with madness and slaughter!

Although this war between the lands of Heavenspan and the Wildlands had only been going on for a few years now, in terms of the bitterness of the struggle, it was something the likes of which had never occurred before in the history of this world!

A great war had been fought when Daoist Heavenspan rebelled against the Arch-Emperor Dynasty. The dynasty had fallen, and what remained of it had fled to the Wildlands. But not even that war could compare to this one.

Never before had a war been fought in which so many cultivators died in such a short period of time. It virtually defied imagination!

The Wildlands was the battleground, and it had long since been stained crimson with blood. The aura of death and the stench of gore was so intense… that not even the most powerful of winds could dispel it.

More than half of the cultivators from the four regions...

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