Chapter 1017: I Still Hate You!

The Undying Codex surpassed all other body refinement techniques in this heaven and earth. Similarly, the Live Forever Codex… surpassed all other divine abilities and cultivation practices!

Even someone as confident as the Celestial would have no choice but to stay silent in the face of the Live Forever Codex….

From the Frigid Matriarch and Du Lingfei, it was possible to see how shocking the Live Forever Codex was. Of course, Bai Xiaochun had never fought Du Lingfei, but he was now very familiar with her energy and power.

Now, as the energy of the Live Forever Codex flowed through him, he couldn’t help but gasp. For one thing, the gravekeeper’s words were shocking to the core. In addition to that, though, with the power of the Live Forever Codex inside of him, the spiritual energy of heaven and earth that existed in this world suddenly seemed weaker!

In fact, Bai Xiaochun also got the...

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